CPCC Missions

Community Presbyterian Church has a vital interest in world-wide missions.  The mission partners described below receive monthly support, while  others such as Youth for Christ, Wycliff, World Renew and others are helped on a occasional basis.

Front Porch - Front Porch is a ministry that seeks to build authentic relationships with college students on the campuses of Cal Poly University and Cuesta College in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Spectrum Ministries - Pastor Von Trutzschler started a mission working with Tijuana street children. He has brought many of these children out of despair and filth into new homes and to the love for Jesus Christ.

Ministry of Hope - A mission in Malawi Africa aiding the people and children in an extremely low poverty area that has been plagued with aids and hunger. They provide food, shelter, and education for the young and nurseries for infants. 

Mia’s Children - Mia Costel is operating a center for the orphans in Bucharest Romania. Most of  these children were living in the streets and are now going to school and learning the love of Christ through the teachings of Mia.  

Antalya Evangelical Church of Turkey - Ramazan Arkan is the pastor of this new church in Turkey. CPCC is helping to sponsor Ramzan and his wife Kerin in their efforts to build a Christian church in a predominately Muslim nation. 

Threshold Ministries - Erinn Copeland has helped to start this mission from our Presbyterian Church in Orcutt, Ca. They serve a small village in northern China 200 yards away from North Korea. The  “Hopehouse” is an orphanage and school supported by CPCC along with food and supplies for people of the village.  

Witnessing Ministries of Christ - This ministry in India provides schools and missions for young boys and girls in the most impoverished areas of India. They house and educate them so they can become contributing members of their communities.


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